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We give our customers all the tools and guidance they
need to create an effective financial planning solution, and
help you every step of the way. We have a number of
services on offer to help create a financial strategy that will
suit you for life.


Superannuation can be the best saving you’ll ever make, but wrong decisions can be costly. The changes to super are complex and may make it difficult for many individuals to achieve their goals. 

Our experts can review your current super arrangements and suggest a suitable investment strategy to ensure you reach your goals for retirement, whether that’s just around the corner or in many years from now.


Property has a significant part to play in any balanced investment portfolio, but how do you identify the right property to maximise your returns and minimise the risk? Should you invest inside or outside of your superannuation? Our experts in tax, financial planning, lending and property research can help you build a successful investment strategy for stable, strong returns.

Retirement Planning

Understanding how much money you will need in retirement to be able to afford the lifestyle you want is critical, and a comprehensive plan will help you determine what is achievable. Our experts will identify the tax, cashflow and investment strategies to suit your individual needs.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance alleviates the risk of the unexpected, providing financial protection for you and your family. Our expert planners can review the level of cover your life insurance policy provides, to ensure those closest to you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle if you are unable to work.


Whether purchasing a home or looking to invest, our in-house lenders can help you select the best loan for your situation. We hold our own Australian Credit Licence (ACL) meaning, we are not tied to any bank or other provider, and will search the market to find the best solution for your individual needs.

Investment Advice

With a focus on fundamental value, whilst staying flexible to include short term themes (e.g. the changing political climate), our advisors will help you build an investment strategy that provides stable, long term returns. We will also ensure that you remain within the parameters of acceptable risk

Estate Planning

Considered estate planning is critical to distribute your wealth according to your wishes without incurring unnecessary taxes or other costs. Our advisors can explain the merits of, taking into account; a tax effective will or testamentary trust, lapsing and non-lapsing death benefit nominations, powers of attorney and an enduring guardianship.

Wealth Accumulation Strategies

At the core of a sound wealth accumulation strategy is risk profiling, cashflow management and a properly constructed investment plan. This involves consideration to budgeting, savings plans and salary sacrifice. Different combinations of shares, property, annuities and cash should be considered. Our expert financial planners will guide you through developing a strategy to achieve your goals.

Cashflow Optimisation

How much do you need to retire? Careful and realistic cashflow management is key. Many people incur one-off expenses (holidays, weddings, loans to kids) when they retire. We need to plan for these. Our advisors can help with preparing a plan that optimises your cash whilst allowing for these types of expenses.

Risk Management

Risk management is often overlooked in financial planning. Simply focusing on investing, saving and cashflow ignores the many known and unforeseen risks that can derail the best of plans. Our advisors can assist with the full range of risk products, including income insurance, life and trauma insurance and key person insurance. Insurances are not “set and forget” – they need to be monitored and reviewed to ensure that your changing circumstances are properly covered & that you are not paying for insurances that you no longer need.


“Whether it be in dealing face to face with clients, conducting seminars on superannuation and investment strategies or in technical discussions with myself and my business partner, Peter has demonstrated to me to be a man of integrity with an impressive knowledge of superannuation and investment planning. He brings to his profession substantial academic qualifications, a wide ranging practical knowledge and an ability to deal closely with clients from all backgrounds.”
“We had been searching for a financial planning solution for our business for some time when we met Peter. Instead of handing our clients on to a financial planner with no ownership of the process, we started a joint venture with Peter and his company. In doing this, we were able to not only offer our clients a service previously not available, but to also incorporate another income stream into our business. I’ve found Peter to be very professional and he and his team have guided us step by step through the JV process.”