Turn your limits
into profit


Our business is built on trusted partnerships.
We form partnerships with leading accounting
firms via the creation of joint ventures to provide top tier
financial planning to individuals.
Together we can create a better future for your clients.

Why become a partner?

RFE has been helping accountants create, grow and manage their own financial service practice for 15 years. We provide the people, infrastructure, practice management, software and services in financial advice.

We have established joint ventures with quality accounting firms in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, regional NSW, and regional Victoria over the last 18 months.


RFE works proactively to grow a profitable business. We do not wait passively for referrals but create opportunities through a range of lead generation activities tailored to each joint venture practice. 


Our accountant partners share in the revenue and equity value creation. We believe that accountants often underestimate the value they are referring to a financial planner – under the RFE model, this value is captured for the accountant.

Key benefits for accountants:

  • Our business model is profitable from day one.
  • Generates a new source of revenue and builds a capital asset.
  • RFE does the “heavy lifting” to grow the business.
  • We offer 50/50 shareholding and board representation.
  • We provide services under our own unrestricted AFSL and Credit License.
  • Advisers are not incentivised to promote any particular product.
  • Client interests are paramount.
  • No upfront establishment costs.
  • RFE manages all compliance and all human resources.
  • We do not expect accountants to become financial planners.

We set up the company, shareholder agreements, Corporate Authorised Representative Agreements and Branch Agreements between advisers and our new practice, to ensure correct compliance and best practice is applied from day one of the new planning business.

What are we looking for in a partner?


Businesses focused on their client’s best interests.


Desire to grow their new business through referrals and marketing.


A minimum of 500 clients.

Our partners


“Whether it be in dealing face to face with clients, conducting seminars on superannuation and investment strategies or in technical discussions with myself and my business partner, Peter has demonstrated to me to be a man of integrity with an impressive knowledge of superannuation and investment planning. He brings to his profession substantial academic qualifications, a wide ranging practical knowledge and an ability to deal closely with clients from all backgrounds.”
Chartered Accountant
“We had been searching for a financial planning solution for our business for some time when we met Peter. Instead of handing our clients on to a financial planner with no ownership of the process, we started a joint venture with Peter and his company. In doing this, we were able to not only offer our clients a service previously not available, but to also incorporate another income stream into our business. I’ve found Peter to be very professional and he and his team have guided us step by step through the JV process.”
Partner, Morton & Cord